Heart Wood Trade is the creation of Dustin Scott, an outdoor enthusiast who learned the art of fly fishing and woodwork from his late father. With a background in graphic design, he felt the need to create tangible pieces of art to be shared with the outdoor community and pay homage to the tools and traits past down.

He spends many hours selecting straight grain, exotic and traditional hardwoods that are then prepped for stripping. His design eye takes over when laying out complementary patterns to be placed in the forms. Once the glue has dried, he spends many hours shaping each net into it’s final form.

Each net is a custom, one of one, creation tailored to the client. All the way down to the weight and balance of each piece.  All elements are hand crafted, right down to the custom brass eyelets. With each net, Dustin’s goal is to make it better than the last.

Tight dovetails, detailed handles, fine hardwoods, and great craftsmanship are what set Heart Wood Trade net’s apart from the rest.

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